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How Filipinos are Embracing Teleconsultation Practices in the Post-Pandemic Times

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Teleconsultation Practices

In March 2020, the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic due to a sudden s

urge in positive cases of the virus. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society, particularly in the Philippines, has been profound.

Measures such as social distancing, wearing face masks, and transitioning to remote work and online communication became necessary.

The fear of virus transmission has even caused individuals to avoid hospitals and medical centers, where many positive cases are treated, as the virus can easily spread among individuals in close proximity.

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, this unprecedented situation has also sparked innovation and led to the implementation of new practices in various aspects of life. Work-from-home setups and teleconsultations with doctors have emerged as vital solutions during these times.

The limitations imposed by the pandemic have opened doors to innovative approaches that adapt to the current flow of life and livelihood. Working remotely from home and opting for teleconsultations with doctors have provided alternative means of staying productive and accessing medical assistance.

The State of Healthcare in the Philippines

The Philippine healthcare system faced significant challenges in the past due to multiple resource limitations and a scarcity of facilities that could only accommodate a specific number of patients and cater to specific cases.

The available healthcare facilities provide satisfactory services and are staffed by trained professionals. However, there is a shortage of healthcare professionals, resulting in a limited capacity to serve only a few patients at a time.

Surprisingly, the sudden rise of the COVID-19 Pandemic brought about positive changes to the Philippine healthcare system. It prompted hospitals and medical centers to upgrade their facilities to cope with the outbreak and address other healthcare situations effectively. These upgrades included expanding the capacity of healthcare resources, providing specialized treatments, and tackling issues such as overcrowding.

Understanding Medical Teleconsultations

Teleconsultations are appointments conducted via video or call conferences. These virtual meetings allow doctors and patients to engage in real-time discussions, providing and receiving essential medical assessments, diagnoses, treatments, and ongoing support.

Advantages and Limitations of Teleconsultation in the Philippine Context

Even before the pandemic, teleconsultation services, also known as telemedicine or virtual consultations, had already been introduced into the Philippine healthcare system. Online consultations were used consistently and have significantly increased over time, with people now accepting them as a viable option.

Teleconsultations provide numerous benefits, including increased convenience and accessibility to medical services, as well as saving both time and money for individuals. Besides the advantages of online consultations, they have also played a crucial role in minimizing the spread of COVID cases by reducing physical visits.

By utilizing consultations for non-urgent cases and needs, healthcare professionals can prioritize more severe cases, including patients with COVID-19. This approach helps alleviate the burden on healthcare facilities and ensures the efficient use of necessary resources.

Online doctors can also employ virtual consultations to assess patients' symptoms and determine if they exhibit signs of positive COVID cases.

While online medical consultations have their merits, there are limitations to consider. One significant limitation is the inability to perform physical examinations, as these consultations heavily rely on remote communication. Another important consideration is the reliance on a stable internet connection, making it challenging for individuals residing in rural or remote areas with limited or no connectivity.

Closing Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about various negative outcomes, but it has also created opportunities for the Philippine healthcare system to adapt, evolve, and introduce new services. One such advancement is the implementation of online consultations and the availability of more healthcare facilities.

These new services have not only facilitated convenient access to medical advice but have also enabled medical experts to explore innovative treatments and conduct research to minimize the further spread of COVID-19.

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