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Terms of Service

The mission of the E-Konsulta Medical Clinic is to offer excellent medical services to the Filipino people through an online platform of consultation at an affordable price. With the help of modern technology, there is no need to go out of the house to receive help from medical experts. E-Konsulta is your partner for an efficient and effective medical service.

Objective: The purpose of this E-Konsulta Medical Clinic Consent Form is to seek the patient's permission to obtain personal information pertinent to providing medical services.

Record: The patient’s record is confidential and will be kept by the organization for two (2) years.

Technical Needs: The patient accepts the responsibility that he or she has a way to communicate with E-Konsulta Medical Clinic staff through telecommunication or online communication.

Information: Information that will be obtained by E-Konsulta Medical Clinic from the patient will be used for medical consultation purposes only.

Patient Rights: The patient is entitled to retreat from availing the service. The patient has also the right to ask regarding their medical and technical consultation needs to accomplish the online service.

Patient’s Obligation: The patient understands that after consultation, payment shall be settled through G-Cash or BPI Online Payment. Failure to settle obligation will be legally dealt with. 

Limitations of Online Consultation: The clarity of images, sound, internet speed, and background noise have an impact on the quality and outcome of the consultation. Physical examination done in face-to-face consultation is not possible, hence a large part of the online consultation will be reliant on the symptoms told and described by the patient.

In the event that the illness requires immediate medical attention or can no longer be attended to in an online setting, the patient may be referred to the nearest hospital or clinic for the patient's benefit.

For any concerns regarding your personal information, please contact us through:

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