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Medical Certificate Fit to Work: An Overview About Sick Leaves in The Philippine

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Sick leaves are a much-needed break for Filipino employees who feel under the weather. Since workers need to rest to recuperate, knowing what is required and how to do it will ensure they can get the most out of their sick leave.

In the Philippines, the Labor Code provides specific provisions on when an employee can avail of sick leave and the corresponding entitlements. This article will guide you through the basics of sick leave in the Philippines and the necessary documents, such as a medical certificate fit to work.

A man feeling ill/sick.

How Many Sick Leaves are There for Filipino Employees?

The Labor Code of the Philippines requires that all employers must provide their employees with five (5) days of paid sick leave every year. This benefit can be used for any illness or injury, including those caused by accidents, or for medical or dental consultations.

On the other hand, employees are entitled to sick leave if they cannot perform their duties due to illness or injury. A medical certificate fit to work must be presented to the employer before or after the employee can avail of the sick leave.

Sick Leave Entitlements

Employees who are granted sick leave are entitled to full wages for their leave. It is the employer’s responsibility to pay the employee’s wages during the leave period.

In addition, employers are also required to provide their employees with medical treatment, medicines, and other necessary medical supplies while on leave. Employers must also reimburse employees for any expenses they incur while on leave.

Restrictions on Sick Leaves

As previously mentioned, employees are entitled to a maximum of five (5) days of sick leave with pay each year. However, employers may restrict the number of sick leaves an employee can avail of in a given year to three (3) days, provided that the restriction is to prevent abuse of the leave.

Employers may also require employees to present a medical certificate fit to work to prove that they are indeed ill or injured and unable to perform their duties.

Employers are also allowed to require employees to submit a report detailing the illness or injury that caused them to avail of sick leave. This report must be submitted by the employee within two (2) days of the start of the leave.

What You Will Need to Obtain a Medical Certificate Fit to Work

When filing for sick leave, it is essential to have the necessary documents. These include:

  • doctor's note indicating the employee's diagnosis

  • the duration of the leave

  • any recommended medication

Additionally, the employee should also have an official medical certificate fit to work that states that the employee cannot work due to illness.

Places to Get Medical Certificate in the Philippines

Knowing the basics of sick leave in the Philippines and having the necessary documents on hand will help ensure that employees can make sure their sick leave is counted and recorded accordingly.

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Medical Certificate at E-Konsulta Medical Clinic

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darilyn dente
darilyn dente
Oct 02, 2023

what does the exact meaning of: Need medical attention for 3 days. Fit to work on____________


apple uy austria
apple uy austria
Apr 11, 2023

Can you cite the exact labor code article? The law only mentions SIL (service incentive leave) and NOT SL.

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